Thursday, February 21, 2013

Man, free swagger from dafont!!

Haha, as a font designer I will proudly wear this shirt in public. Damn, the life of a font boss! I get free shit. Well, this is the only thing I've gotten free, lol.

Thanks to for sending me this free swag!

Haha, the photo is upside down

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Destroyed and Eroded Fonts by Chris Vile

I've released a few new fonts over the past couple of months. If you're looking for some sick new fonts that have a destroyed, eroded, grunge style to it, then check out my fonts!

You can view all my fonts via my personal website at

Here's my newest font that I called AbandoN
AbandoN font by Chris Vile

Here's another font that I called Pale Horse
Pale Horse font by Chris Vile

Download these bad boys from my website! Also, if you're looking to get a logo designed for your death metal band. hit me up!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New free Metal Font

I designed a new font and released it Wednesday (2/28/12) on called 'Gwizsk', head over to and download it. It's a good font for bands looking to create a logo with some grundge handwriting style look.

check out my fonts on

if you would like a custom logo designed by me, head over to my website:

my rates start at $45 per logo, and I do offer try it before you buy it services.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Speed Drawing a Skull and converting it into vector

I enjoy drawing, I enjoy the internet, and I enjoy making videos. I figured it was a good idea to start recording my art and I tried making a tutorial on drawing a skull, then converting it into a vector image. I didn't like how my voice came out, it sounded weird and monotone. So, I canned the project and just made it a speed art video. So, the skull was drawn on the fly and to me looks kind of dorky. But, the video does show some of my techniques I use when creating art for my clients.

This video should give inspiration for all those artist that don't have or can't afford a tablet\wacom. I make all my art with pencil and paper first, take a picture of it, yeah, that's right a picture, no scanner here! And then I use my mouse pad, I work on a laptop, to clean up the image in Photoshop, and then vector it in Illustrator.

Check out my Website

If you would like me to help you on your next project

New font in the works and my SEO campaign blog

I've never created a font until about 3 days ago, and I wasn't expecting much of a response and I must say I was surprised at the feedback. I created the font, named it 'Dead Bitch', nice name right? And then I released it for personal use on In 2 days my font received 3,000 downloads and is ranked first in it's category (script - trash)

So, I decided to make another font and I've already sketched out A through D. Unlike my first font, I will take much more time and effort while creating this one. Not saying I didn't try on 'Dead Bitch' font, I just had little patience with it. Download my font from my website: GKDN - Chicago Web Design - Designs by Chris or from

If you do download my font, please watch my Youtube Video on how I created grindcore logos from it, it makes a world of difference using my techniques! Here's my video:

I also have created a blog following my SEO journey on getting ranked on Google's Search Results. Head over to my other blog to check it out. It's very useful information and you might learn how to get your website ranked!

Read my SEO Journey Blog

Monday, February 13, 2012

I created a new font that's available for download from my website at: or at

I was making this font for resale but I decided to make it free for personal use. If you would like to use it in a commercial product, artist, or site, please contact me through my website at

I'm currently working on 2 more fonts. Those should be available late February 2012. Thanks